RCMP allows female members to wear hijabs

By Laura Stone
The Globe and Mail | August 24, 2016

Female members of the RCMP are now allowed to wear a hijab head scarf as part of their uniform, as the Mounties look to encourage more Muslim women to join their ranks.

The newly discovered uniform option was adopted by the force in January. But according to law, members must still seek approval from RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson for any faith-based accommodation, and there has yet to be a formal request to wear the hijab while on duty.

“The move to offer the hijab as part of the RCMP uniform is intended to better reflect the changing diversity in the community and encourage more Muslim women to consider policing as a career option,” according to an RCMP briefing note sent to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

. . .

The move was praised by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, who called it a “welcome, logical step.” “We’re hoping that women will look then to the RCMP as a potential career pathway for them,” spokeswoman Amira Elghawaby said.

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