NCCM welcomes release of Canadian professor held in Iran

Thanks Canadian government for its efforts

– For Immediate Release –

(Ottawa – September 26, 2016) The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a prominent civil liberties and advocacy organization, welcomes news today regarding the release and repatriation of Canadian-Iranian professor Dr. Homa Hoodfar.

Hoodfar, a retired professor of anthropology at Concordia University who suffers from a neurological disease and had to be hospitalized during her detention, was originally detained on June 6. Critics argued that Hoodfar’s imprisonment was part of a broader crackdown on rights activists and researchers.

The NCCM called for Prof. Hoodfar’s immediate release and worked with partners to advocate for robust Canadian government efforts to secure her release.

« The NCCM is delighted by today’s news of the release and imminent return of Prof. Hoodfar and we thank the federal government for its efforts to secure her release and safe return to Canada, » says NCCM Executive Director Ihsaan Gardee.

« This decision follows a long and dedicated campaign by Canadians from coast to coast including demonstrations, petitions and open letters signed by various organizations and high profile individuals.

« Prof. Hoodfar’s family and colleagues should be congratulated for their efforts to stand up and fight for Ms. Hoodfar’s human rights, and by extension, the rights of all Canadians unfairly detained abroad to be treated according to principles of fundamental justice.

« Finally, while news of Prof. Hoodfar’s release is welcome, we remain deeply concerned about the ongoing ordeals of other Canadians unjustly detained abroad including Huseyin Celil who has been held in China since 2006 and Bashir Makhtal who has been held in Ethiopia since 2007, » says Gardee.

The Protection Charter, recently launched by Amnesty International Canada in collaboration with the Fahmy Foundation and endorsed by the NCCM, calls on the Canadian government to change practices, revise policies and amend laws as needed to better protect citizens, permanent residents and individuals with close Canadian connections from serious human rights violations in other countries.

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