Local Muslims pray for peace, end to extremism

ISIS violence in Iraq an affront to their faith

By Carol Sanders | Winnipeg Free Press
August 23, 2014

Local and national Muslim leaders are denouncing the atrocities of ISIS terrorists and pledging support for federal government efforts to protect Canadians in the region.

« We call on the federal government to take all measures to ensure the safety of any Canadians in the region, and to continue to promote the safety and well-being of all religious minorities, » the National Council of Canadian Muslims said in statement Friday.

« Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of violence and atrocities committed by ISIS including, most recently, journalist James Foley. »

Before news of the beheading of the American journalist spread around the world, leaders in Winnipeg’s Muslim community spoke out against ISIS terrorists in northern Iraq who’ve been slaughtering people…

… The National Council of Canadian Muslims has been condemning religious extremism for nearly a decade.

« Our message to anyone who espouses, endorses, or in any way supports this ideology of violence, is that you have nothing to do with our faith, » the National Council of Canadian Muslims said in a news release…