Government Commits to National Action Summit on Islamophobia

The Outcome of the Summit, in Terms of Concrete Policy, Will Be the Test of Whether Governments Are Truly Committed to Preventing Further Loss of Life

(Ottawa – June 11, 2021) 

Today, in the House of Commons, the Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth committed to the emergency ask of the community in the aftermath of the London terror attack. The government committed to a National Action Summit on Islamophobia convening leaders from all levels of government to chart a path forward for Canada in ending violence against Muslims. 

« We strongly believe that putting an end to Islamophobia requires that all levels of government take concrete action in addressing Islamophobia at an urgent and systemic level. From appointing a Special Envoy on Islamophobia, to removing discriminatory laws in Canada, to ensuring that anti-racism and anti-Islamophobia becomes part of our education system, to changing the way that municipalities deal with street harassment, a whole of government approach is needed. » said Fatema Abdalla, Communications Coordinator with the National Council of Canadian Muslims, « The summit is an important and critical start. The outcome of the summit, in terms of concrete policy, will be the test of whether all governments and political parties are truly committed to preventing further loss of life. » 

A unanimous consent motion, led by NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, calling for the National Action Summit to take place before the end of July, was also unanimously supported.