‘We have zero tolerance for hate,’ says Edmonton police chief

By Juris Graney
Edmonton Journal | December 11, 2016

First, the good news: Hate crimes in Edmonton in 2016 are down over last year.

The bad news? Hate crimes are still happening in the city.

In 2015, the number of reported incidents in the city hit 138 whereas this year, with just two weeks left in 2016, there have been 108.

Even though there has been a drop in reported incidents, it’s still too many for Edmonton police Chief Rod Knecht.

. . .

That should come as welcome news to the National Council of Canadian Muslims, which earlier this week demanded the person involved in the LRT incident be charged with a hate crime.

Council communications director Amira Elghawaby said the organization is calling on all police services across Canada to commit to producing an annual report on hate crimes in order to better track the incidents.

The group is now actively mapping out each incident that is reported in the country.

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