Palestine Trip Daily Dispatch

Monday – January 15, 2024 

NCCM and Delegates Meet the Canadian Ambassador in Jordan 

In the first-of-its-kind diplomatic engagement, NCCM and its delegates arrived at the Canadian Embassy in Jordan for a meeting with the Canadian Ambassador, Tarik Ali Khan. NCCM is traveling with Canadian MPs where they will get a first-hand view of the Occupation, hear stories directly from Palestinian refugees, and the violence that has persisted throughout the West Bank, including in Jerusalem. 

Engagement with Civil Societies at the Canadian Embassy: 

During their visit to the Canadian Embassy, NCCM and delegates engaged in meaningful discussions with various civil societies. MPs from Canada met with the Canadian Ambassador in Jordan, Tarik Ali Khan and attended bi-lateral meetings. These interactions aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by these societies, especially in the context of supporting Palestinian refugees. 

Tour of UNRWA Camps:  

NCCM and delegates were given an opportunity to tour schools and hospitals in the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) camps in Jordan. This visit provided them with first hand insights into the educational and healthcare services available to the Palestinian refugees. The tour highlighted the efforts of UNRWA in providing essential services amidst growing challenges due to the increasing population and displacement issues.  

Experience Jabal El-Hussein Refugee Camp: 

One of the delegation’s first stops was at a refugee camp in Jabal El-Hussein, home to a significant number of Palestinian refugees. This visit shed light on the living conditions of the refugees, many of whom have been residing there for over two decades. The camp, initially established to provide temporary shelter, has seen a steady increase in population, leading to strained resources, services and supplies. A poignant moment during the visit was COO Omar Khamissa’s interaction with a family that has been living in the Jabal El-Hussein camp since 1967. The family’s story, particularly that of their 18-year-old son with a disability, who relies on a wheelchair, underscores the ongoing struggles faced by many in the camp. Their experience reflects the broader challenges of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, including limited access to specialized healthcare and other essential services.