Open Letter to the Foreign Affairs minister on detention of Canadian journalist in Egypt

On January 15, 2014, the NCCM issued an open letter to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to urge the federal government to take immediate action to support Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy who was detained by Egyptian authorities and to seek his prompt release.

In its open letter, the NCCM asked the federal government to:

1. Extend full consular support to Mr. Fahmy including ensuring the presence of Canadian officials at all interrogations and ensuring that Mr. Fahmy receives appropriate medical treatment and humane living conditions.

2. Contact Egyptian government representatives to express your concern and to call upon them to abide by their international legal obligations and in particular, demand the immediate release of Mr. Fahmy.

3. Encourage international partners to raise the case of Mr. Fahmy with Egyptian officials.

4. Publicly express your deep concerns about the detention and handling of Mr. Fahmy by Egyptian authorities.

Read the NCCM’s Open Letter here: Letter to Foreign Affairs Minister, Re: Mohamed Fahmy