On terror rhetoric, Public Safety Minister ignores RCMP and his own advisors

By Anna Mehler Paperny | Senior Producer, Investigative Data Desk
July 29, 2015 | Global News

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office ignored edits that would have toned down a counter-terror statement issued in January, according to a document obtained by Global News.

Instead, the statement, issued Jan. 26 in response to an ISIS audio file calling for attacks on Canada, used language Canadian law enforcement has called “inflammatory.”

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The National Council of Canadian Muslims has communicated its misgivings on terror terminology to the federal government, says Amira Elghawaby, the council’s communications director.

“It’s disappointing that the minister did not accept the edits from his public servants,” she said.

“Using this kind of terminology stokes fear. It creates concern about Muslim communities when in fact Muslim communities are just as concerned about violent extremism. They are partners looking for solutions.”