NCCM demands retraction and apology from Canadian Medical Association Journal

(December 21, 2021 – Montreal) 

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) is demanding a retraction and a public apology from the Canadian Medical Association Journal after the publication of a deeply Islamophobic letter in the journal. 

The letter by Dr. Emil makes Islamophobic claims that the hijab is an “instrument of oppression” and that it “borders on child abuse,” amongst other harmful and unsubstantiated stereotypes. 

“It is beyond appalling for a medical professional with the responsibilities that Dr. Emil has to make such outrageous and blatantly Islamophobic comments about Muslim girls and women. This article stokes stereotypes and racist tropes about a population that has faced some of the most violent forms of hate in this country. We are calling on CMAJ to retract the publication of the letter and issue a public apology immediately before it does any further harm,” said Lina El Bakir, NCCM’s Quebec Advocacy Officer. 

« At a time when Canadians are anxious about the emergence of the recent variant of COVID-19 in the country and are looking up to medical leaders for leadership and reassurance, we need the Canadian Medical Association Journal to maintain high levels of integrity and standards. »