NCCM Deeply Troubled After Another Attack on Edmonton Muslim Woman and Her Children Outside a Mosque

(Edmonton – January 25, 2022) 

 The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) is deeply concerned about an attack that took place in Edmonton on Saturday, January 1, 2022, against a Muslim woman and her children in front of a mosque in Edmonton, Alberta. This attack comes on the heels of other attacks on visibly Muslim women, primarily Black Muslim women who wear the hijab, in Alberta. 

The facts of this recent attack are particularly troubling. The attacker spat on her car window, punched the car numerous times with his fists, uttered a number of violent Islamophobic threats, and damaged the mosque’s property.  

At one point during the incident, the attacker left the scene, only to return with a shovel with which he used to continue his onslaught.  

This attack occurred while the victim’s young children were in the car. 

« The rising numbers of Islamophobic attacks in Alberta are alarming. NCCM has supported numerous victims in Alberta since last December, and we are continuing to call on the Alberta Government and different municipalities across the province to take urgent and immediate action, » said Said Omar, the Alberta Advocacy Officer for the National Council of Canadian Muslims. « We need to see the province step up alongside the city and create a bipartisan provincial-municipal action plan. Everyone has the right to feel safe in public spaces, regardless of their background.” 

NCCM will continue to monitor the investigation and is in touch with Edmonton law enforcement. We are also providing support to the victim and her family to help her heal from this traumatic attack.