Tell Nityo Infotech that there should be no Islamophobia in our workplaces

« Please do not submit Muslim candidates for below position.” This is an excerpt from an email from a recruiter at Nityo Infotech, an IT company with offices in Canada, US and around the globe.

Many in the Muslim community know that Islamophobia and discrimination in employment exists, but rarely do we see it stated this explicitly.

We echo the calls by CAIR San Diego, CAIR New Jersey and others for disciplinary action against this individual employee. We also recognize that statements like this don’t materialize in a vacuum. This suggests a broader culture of discrimination and Islamophobia at a global IT company.

That is why we are calling for Nityo to conduct a comprehensive third-party diversity, equity and inclusion audit – and to share the results of this audit publicly with impacted communities.

Send a letter to Nityo’s Canadian office today.