Letter was hurtful and unfair

Letter to the Editor
November 3, 2015 | The Barrie Examiner

Re:’Canadians know what Islam is: writer’ in the Oct. 29 edition of the Examiner

I can only imagine how a young Muslim boy or girl reading your newspaper or online site would feel upon reading the hate-filled letter penned by Barry Kendall.

« Islam is a criminal enterprise seeking to enslave the world. A Muslim who is not a terrorist is a bad Muslim. »

How utterly hurtful and grossly unfair. Such reprehensible and wholly inaccurate and slanderous views have no place in our communities, and certainly should not be provided with a platform from which to spew such vile thoughts.

Had someone said the same about Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism or any other faith, there would have been an outcry. Canadian Muslims, and their children, deserve the same degree of respect as other members of society.

It has hard to fathom how such a letter would have been accepted by your editors.

Ihsaan Gardee, Executive director
National Council of Canadian Muslims