Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim attack: cut him off, or give him enough rope?

CBC News | December 10, 2015

He’s a man who loves to stir up controversy, but this week Donald Trump outdid himself.

The business mogul turned Republican presidential hopeful vowed that if he’s elected, he will ban Muslims from entering the United States. It was in response to a mass shooting by a couple in California who are believed to have been radicalized.

Democrats and Republicans alike have condemned Trump’s anti-Muslim position, but Trump says he’s just telling it like it is.

Which raises an interesting question: Is it better to put these views out in the open, to know the extent of Islamophobia?

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Chelby Daigle, editor-in-chief of the website Muslim Link, and Amira Elghawaby, a spokesperson for the National Council of Canadian Muslims, debated the issue on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning Thursday with host Robyn Bresnahan…

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