CSIS faces $35-million harassment, discrimination lawsuit

By Jordan Press
The Canadian Press | July 14, 2017

Canada’s spy agency is facing questions about its workplace culture amid allegations that senior officials foster a prejudice and distrust for Muslims employees, who are seen as “essential to CSIS’ mission, but working without CSIS’ trust and respect.”

The allegations are contained in a statement of claim filed Thursday in Federal Court by five employees who are seeking upwards of $35 million in damages for what they say was years of harassment condoned by supervisors.

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The National Council of Canadian Muslims said in a statement that the allegations raise questions about the ability of the spy agency to carry out its mandate and protect Canadians.

“It is unacceptable for discriminatory attitudes to be left unchecked in any context, but especially in the context of intelligence gathering when Canadian Muslims already face disproportionate scrutiny,” executive director Ihsaan Gardee said.

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