Anger grows over children caught in no-fly lists

CTV News | January 5, 2016

Six-year-old Canadian Syed Adam Ahmed garnered national attention when he needed special security clearance to fly to Boston for the NHL Winter Classic — but he’s far from the only child to be mistakenly caught in a “no-fly list.”

Sheldon Ali says his son, Naseer Muhammad, was held up before flying for the first time when he was only 10 weeks old.

« We know it is going to happen every time, » said Ali. Repeated incidents have led Ali to believe that his son has been targeted because of his religion and ethnic background.

« My son’s name is Muslim. We are Muslim. So it leaves me to believe (that) this is a form of racial profiling, » he said.

. . .

However, Muslim groups are looking for concrete steps to improve the process and prevent the wrong names from landing — and staying — on the list.

« There has to be due process … before a person is listed, » said Khalid Elgazzar, lawyer and vice-chair of the National Council of Canadian Muslims….

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