Canada Needs to Take IMMEDIATE Action Now

There is no question that war crimes are being committed in Gaza as we speak. Blockading basic necessities such as food, water and electricity are blatant human rights violations. Using white phosphorous as a weapon is a war crime. Collective punishment is a war crime. Children are being killed, hospitals are being bombed, journalists are being killed. 

Sadly, we have also seen that as rhetoric escalates, and communities are made to bear the brunt of the backlash, it has real life consequences for Canadians.

In London Ontario, we saw apartments with large numbers of Muslims flooded with graffiti that said « Kill ALL Muslims ».

In Markham Ontario, we saw the public library try to cancel Islamic Heritage Month because of the backlash, admitting this morning that they were wrong to do so.

We’ve had multiple reports of Muslim women being spat on in the streets

Just this week alone, the number of hate incidents reported to NCCM have increased by over 1000%.

Enough is enough.

We need our leaders to take immediate action NOW.